Our Core Values

Service – Leadership

As a community-based staffing agency, we are paying it forward and supporting our local residents by assisting them with resume building, job application, interview preparation, and once hired, paid job training. We proudly support on-the-job training for upward mobility for those in low-income areas. We partner with local community groups and charities to support funding efforts to improve quality of life. We aim to reach millions and leave a legacy of Service-Leadership.

Integrity & Respect

Our motto is to do right when we can, the best we can, every time. Our internal team has a strong sense of compassion and a drive to succeed while making a difference. Job skills can be taught while compassion, integrity, and leading with your heart are characteristics we prioritize in those within our organization. When clients recognize this principle and commitment to our community, they proudly value us as a long-term partner.


As a non-franchise employment agency, we are not beholding to shareholders and their need for market share. As a non-franchise staffing agency, our company is not valued by the number of accounts on our roster regardless of the number of associates we have available. We make sure, there is an equal number of associates available for every client we serve. This allows us to effectively fill the orders quicker than the competition.

We are a proud Female Minority-Owned employment agency supporting clients throughout Southern California.

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