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Unwavering quality and our unique “speed-to-need” recruitment philosophy are what separates us from the competition. SOS’s senior leadership leverages over 15 years of combined staffing experience when delivering an innovative workforce solution, supporting a wide range of industries.

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Employers FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

It’s our company’s driving philosophy. We are not a franchise agency beholding to its shareholders and their need for market share. As a non-franchise staffing agency, our company is not valued by the number of accounts on our roster regardless of the number of associates we have available. We make sure, there is an equal number of associates available for every client we serve. This allows us to effectively fill the orders quicker than the competition.

Once a contract is executed, our team will begin dispatching associates within 24 hours.

Associates are only required to complete 520 regular hours before they are available for a no-fee permanent conversion.

If you want to end an associate’s assignment, you only need to email your request to the corresponding branch. We will handle the rest and send you a replacement within 24hrs.

If we have a consistent headcount of 50+ associates or an immediate potential. The On-site will serve as the branch’s liaison and responsible for managing all aspects of your account.

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We are a proud Female Minority-Owned employment agency supporting clients throughout Southern California.